12,000 Miles & 100+ Interviews

There is a lot of bad news about the state of our workplaces. Unfortunately, this negative wave can drown out the quiet voices who know that to grow an organization you must nurture and grow the people. To learn their secrets, I and a small team will be traveling over 12,000 miles through most of the continental U.S. to interview 100+ people I refer to as Hidden Leaders.

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What is a Hidden Leader?

Some leaders are Hidden in larger organizations because they don’t get all the media attention and hype. They rarely write bestselling novels, but they do a fabulous job of the day to day touches that help people stay engaged, relevant, and inspired in the work or volunteer force. Other leaders are hidden because they are leading smaller companies or organizations focused within their community or serving a special population. Hidden Leaders are working in all sectors and all types of organizations of all sizes. Some are even retired. No matter what, these people are making a daily positive impact through their thinking and actions and legacies.

It is my hope they can help us answer the question, What's working at work?