When you are tired of being stuck— in your specific job or in your overall career— AND you are feeling ready to move on, you would be doing yourself a favor to contact Jason to explore the potential fit between your needs and his expertise in coaching you from your ’stuck’ place to determining new possibilities. Jason is particularly gifted for meeting you where you are (philosophically and psychologically), helping you clarify contextually critical elements, and then providing you with tools and techniques to push yourself to your Next Step.
– Judy Issokson, PhD
How do you change your world? It starts with you. And that is what differentiates Jason Martin from other Executive Coaches. His extensive experience in the business world grounds him in the reality of how things really work. Jason knows how big companies operate, he knows the business pressures that affect everyone’s behavior, and he has the tools to make a life changing difference in your potential and what you can achieve. I’ve seen first-hand the power of Jason’s questions and the unique way he can read people to get to core issues faster and present them options of choice, allowing each individual to choose the right path for them. There is nothing theoretical about his approach. He focuses on the person in front of him, leveraging their unique strengths and helping them to avoid elements that block their success. When you combine his outstanding business and people acumen with his extensive training, from Gallup Certified Coach to Situational Leadership Master Trainer to Managing Inclusion Master Trainer, you realize that this is a coach of extraordinary talent and depth. I highly recommend Jason to anyone wanting more in their life. Just be prepared for personal growth and the ability to achieve the best version of yourself. He can help you change your life, and in turn, you change your world.
– Steve Axel, Principal Axel Coaching
Working with Jason has made a huge difference in how I view work and my ability to navigate my relationship to it. Jason's decades of experience mean he has seen just about everything in the world of business. While what's going on at work can feel very personal and specific, Jason can quickly pinpoint issues that are more universal, that fall into easily recognized patterns so they become more concrete and can be managed. In addition to experience, Jason has a rare and uncanny insight into his client's inner-life and their workplace; These talents helped me fast track so much growth--I got access to his experienced applied to my individual situation. It's very rare that someone can so quickly see a murky situation so clearly. Jason's diagnosis meant instead of thrashing around in the weeds, I was able to target the areas I want to improve, both in myself and my workplace, and better align my goals. Working with Jason increased my confidence in my own intuition and helped me target a workplace that best aligned with my skills and work style. The Fit Tool helped me see where I was and the PACE model helped me forge a path for a better workplace match. It's so easy to get pulled into your own individual work drama, but the ability to view what's going on at work from a more seasoned perspective was invaluable.
– Kelly P, Instructional Product Designer